Lady Rivals Select

2023 Roster

NumberNameSchool NameGradeGraduationHeight
Lady Rivals 17 HGSL 20246Fiona NeilonGovernors Academy11th20245ft8in
Lady Rivals 17 HGSL 202420Jessica MainaBrooks School11th20245ft8in
Lady Rivals 17 HGSL 20241Julia St laurentThe Governors Academy11th20245ft10in
Lady Rivals 17 HGSL 20240Logan LomasneyPeabody Veterans Memorial High School11th20245ft10in
Lady Rivals 17 HGSL 202442Mia PorterArchbishop Williams High School11th20245ft7in
Lady Rivals 17 HGSL 202410Samantha GuertinCentral Catholic11th20245ft7in
Lady Rivals 17 HGSL 202433Samantha PfeilMethuen high school11th20245ft11in
Lady Rivals 17 HGSL 20247Jasmine PhoBusche Academy11th20245ft7in
Lady Rivals 17 HGSL 202445Ruth BanjokoBusche Academy11th20245ft10in
Lady Rivals 17 HGSL 2024Mary AkindeBusche Academy10th20256ft4in
Lady Rivals Select42Adut TourTrinity High School10th20255ft9in
Lady Rivals Select12Colleen SimmonsAustin Preparatory School10th20255ft8in
Lady Rivals Select21Eliana AxelrodAustin Preparatory School10th20255ft7in
Lady Rivals Select22Julia BlumMiddlesex school10th20255ft9in
Lady Rivals Select3Karina KamineniBedford High School10th20255ft5in
Lady Rivals Select0Lea DeVitoAustin prep8th20275ft8in
Lady Rivals Select33Molly WarnerMalden Catholic High School10th20256ft1in
Lady Rivals Select10Ruby ThompsonAustin Prep8th20275ft8in
Lady Rivals Select35Zahara ChaddThe MacDuffie School9th20265ft11in
Lady Rivals 15 HGSL10Aliana Marshallsalem high school9th20265ft1in
Lady Rivals 15 HGSL2Anna McGuinnessExeter High School9th20265ft8in
Lady Rivals 15 HGSL6Carsen HillMiddlesex School8th20275ft7in
Lady Rivals 15 HGSL14Charlotte RobichaudReading Memorial High School9th20265ft5in
Lady Rivals 15 HGSL53Kiera LenihanAndover Highschool9th20265ft6in
Lady Rivals 15 HGSL5Lilly PhillipsHaverhill high9th20265ft6in
Lady Rivals 15 HGSL11Nicole RingdahlSalem High School9th20265ft4in
Lady Rivals 15 HGSL21Sophia CoburnPeabody Veterans Memorial High School9th20266ft0in
Lady Rivals 15 HGSL12Story MooreGovernor's Academy9th20265ft6in
Lady Rivals 15 HGSL43Lily PhillipsCentral Catholic9th20265ft7in
Lady Rivals 15 HGSL24Emma GillisSanborn Regional9th20265ft8in
Lady Rivals 16 HGSL34Abigail GoffCohasset High School10th20256ft0in
Lady Rivals 16 HGSL23Addison PongNotre Dame Academy10th20255ft9in
Lady Rivals 16 HGSL8Angelys AlvarezThe Winchendon school9th20275ft2in
Lady Rivals 16 HGSL12Grace RileyPelham High School9th20265ft7in
Lady Rivals 16 HGSL13Juliana GiordanoBrooks School9th20265ft9in
Lady Rivals 16 HGSL45Lily-Grace AugustineThe Governor's Academy10th20255ft10in
Lady Rivals 16 HGSL43Samaya LovettBrooks School10th20255ft6in
Lady Rivals 16 HGSL20StevieLeigh BannonHolderness School10th20255ft6in
Lady Rivals 16 HGSL14Sydney RogersNorth Andover High School10th20255ft10in
Lady Rivals 16 HGSL21Nyasia McKelveyManchester Memorial10th20256ft0in
Mass Lady Rivals 17 #3SSB ( Coach U)8Ayanna FranksWindsor High School11th20245ft8in
Mass Lady Rivals 17 #3SSB ( Coach U)32Brianna McdermottGreenwich country day school11th20255ft4in
Mass Lady Rivals 17 #3SSB ( Coach U)55Elyse NgendaNew Hampton School9th20265ft7in
Mass Lady Rivals 17 #3SSB ( Coach U)13Grace OliverNoble and Greenough11th20246ft2in
Mass Lady Rivals 17 #3SSB ( Coach U)42Kaya WeiskopfSt Luke’s School11th20245ft10in
Mass Lady Rivals 17 #3SSB ( Coach U)1Maysen HillSt. Andrews School10th20255ft11in
Mass Lady Rivals 17 #3SSB ( Coach U)22Mia Fiorest. george’s11th20245ft10in
Mass Lady Rivals 17 #3SSB ( Coach U)34Mofopefoluwa AyoCentral Catholic High School, Lawrence, MA9th20266ft4in
Mass Lady Rivals 17 #3SSB ( Coach U)4Nasi SimmonsNoble and greenough11th20245ft8in
Mass Lady Rivals 17 #3SSB ( Coach U)0Saige YoungbergWorcester Academy10th20255ft6in
Mass Lady Rivals 17 #3SSB ( Coach U)23Sierra JeanProctor academy10th20255ft5in
Mass Lady Rivals 17 #3SSB ( Coach U)50Sophia LeGoullonTilton School11th20246ft2in
Mass Lady Rivals 16 #3SSB (coach U)24Colleen PhiriTilton School10th20255ft11in
Mass Lady Rivals 16 #3SSB (coach U)33Evi HigginsBerkshire School10th20255ft11in
Mass Lady Rivals 16 #3SSB (coach U)13Mackenzie MoriWethersfield High School11th20256ft0in
Mass Lady Rivals 16 #3SSB (coach U)10Madison OliverNorwell High School10th20256ft0in
Mass Lady Rivals 16 #3SSB (coach U)21Olivia FlemingNorthfield Mount Hermon9th20265ft7in
Mass Lady Rivals 16 #3SSB (coach U)11Olivia VanPattenSt. George's School10th20256ft1in
Mass Lady Rivals 16 #3SSB (coach U)15Reagan DowdNorwell High School10th20255ft8in
Mass Lady Rivals 16 #3SSB (coach U)7Reagan WardPomperaug High School10th20255ft8in
Mass Lady Rivals 16 #3SSB (coach U)0Saige YoungbergWorcester Academy10th20255ft6in
Mass Lady Rivals 16 #3SSB (coach U)12Summer WarrenBrooks School9th20266ft1in
Mass Lady Rivals 16 #3SSB (coach U)2Tahlia PenaNew Hampton10th20255ft7in
Mass Lady Rivals 16 #3SSB (coach U)14Tiffany BurnsAustin Preparatory School8th20275ft8in