Girls Tryouts

Boys1/06Mt. Hope - BurlingtonRegister
South Shore Girls1/064th-6th (6pm) | 7th-8th (7pm) | HS (8pm)Thayer Academy Register
Boys1/075th-6th (5pm) | 6th-8th (6:30pm)Methuen HSRegister
Girls1/075th-6th (5pm) | 6th-8th (6:30pm)Methuen HSRegister
Boys1/133rd-4th (3pm) | 5th-6th (4:30pm) | 7th-8th (6pm) | 9th-11th (7:30pm)Minuteman TechRegister
South Shore Girls1/134th-6th (6pm) | 7th-8th (7pm) | HS (8pm)Thayer Academy Register
Boys1/203rd-4th (6pm) | 5th-6th (7pm) | 7th-8th (8pm)Mt. Hope - BurlingtonRegister
Boys1/213rd-4th (5pm) | 5th-6th (6pm) | 7th-8th (7pm) | 9th-10th (8pm)Methuen HSRegister
Girls1/213rd-4th (5pm) | 5th-6th (6pm) | 7th-8th (7pm) | 9th-10th (8pm)Methuen HSRegister
Maine Boys1/214th-12th (12:30-1:30pm)University of Southern MaineRegister
Maine Girls1/214th-12th (1:30-2:30pm)University of Southern MaineRegister
Maine Boys1/284th-12th (12:30-1:30pm)University of Southern MaineRegister
Maine Girls1/284th-12th (1:30-2:30pm)University of Southern MaineRegister
Rhode Island Boys2/179th-10th (3:15-4:30pm) | 11th-12th (4:30-5:45pm)RI School For The DeafRegister
Rhode Island Boys2/189th-10th (5:30-6:45pm) | 11th-12th (6:45-8:00pm)RI School For The DeafRegister
Boys2/043rd-4th (5pm) | 5th-6th (6pm) | 7th-8th (7pm) | 9th-10th (8pm)Methuen HSRegister
Girls2/043rd-4th (5pm) | 5th-6th (6pm) | 7th-8th (7pm) | 9th-10th (8pm)Methuen HSRegister
Boys2/259th (5-6:30pm) | 10th-12th (6:30-8pm)The Mill WorksRegister
Boys3/039th-10th (5pm) | 11th-12th (6:30pm)Methuen HSRegister
Girls3/03Methuen HSRegister